Parent Service Hours

Each kindergarten through 8th grade student’s family is expected to perform 15 hours of service (pre-kindergarten 10 hours and preschool 8 hours) per school year for Valley Christian School (30 hours for families receiving a scholarship).

 If a family does not fulfill the 15 required service hours, a rate of $15.00 per un-served hour (not to exceed $450.00) will be charged at the end of the school year. Extra hours served during one school year may not be applied to future years.

 Any adult family member – parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents – may donate hours toward your 15-hour commitment. Hours cannot be donated to another family. Parents may earn service hours by participating on PTF Committees, helping with special events, helping teachers correct papers, chaperoning field trips, using the copy machine, helping with fundraising activities, and any other activity that supports the school, teachers, or staff. We deeply appreciate all those who help in the ministry of VCS.

 Any parent who wishes to help at the school must first fill out a Washington State Patrol Clearance Form from the school office. Parents need to sign in at the office and pick up a visitor’s badge before going to the classroom.

» Download Parent Service Hours form