Upper Grades (Grades 5-8)

Academic Overview (Grades 5-8)

Our experienced and certified teachers employ best instructional practices to engage students in the classroom.  Smaller classroom sizes allow us to provide exceptional attention to each child's needs.  Students explore all subject areas through biblically integrated, Christ-centered curriculum.  

We challenge students to develop a love for learning.  Students participate in enriching field trips throughout the school year that enhance classroom learning.  Technology is integrated into the curriculum with exposure to iPads, Chromebooks, and Google Education to develop computer skills.   Students on campus often say, "I love science" because they get hands-on lab activities and experiments during their time in the shared Science Lab.  Every year, the Pacific Science Center staff come to our campus with a mobile exhibit and conduct workshops for students in their classrooms.  We also provide a safe environment for students to take risks.  We want them to create and innovate as they learn every day.    

Schoolwide Response to Intervention: We give the support students need for academic growth.  Our school uses Star Reading and Math to identify students who need intervention.  For grades 5-8, we offer Homework Club three days per week after school for students who need academic support or just additional quiet time to get homework finished.

Core Classes

  • Bible

  • Mathematics

  • English/Language Arts

  • Social Studies

  • Science

Special Classes

  • Physical Education

  • Art

  • Music

  • Computer Skills


  • Worship team: Students lead songs at our weekly Chapel and are given lessons on drums, guitar, bass, piano, and other instruments

  • Technology and Coding

  • Photography

  • Yearbook

  • Leadership class

  • Drama

  • Sketch Art

Student Activities

  • Band

  • Robotics

  • Student Council

  • Spelling Bee

  • Community Service Projects

  • Spiritual Retreat

  • Weekly Chapel

  • Field Trips

  • Boys Soccer

  • Girls Soccer

  • Track and Field

  • Choir/Musicale

  • Speech Meet

Grades 6-8 have a three year rotation for end-of-year field trips:

                    Year One:  Lewis and Clark Trip (Fort Columbia, Fort Clatsup, Astoria and Washington Coast
                    Year two: Marine Biology Trip to Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory
                    Year three: Social Studies trip to Washington D.C.  

Character/Spiritual Development:  We want students to  understand what it means to have courage, curiosity, honesty, and humility as they begin a lifelong pursuit of learning.  As students begin to be formed in character and spiritual development, we want them to engage through Community Service Projects and other service opportunities that VCS designs to help students to apply their learning.  Students in grades 5-8 spend two nights and three days participating in a spiritual emphasis camp at the beginning of every year.  This is a valuable time the students have to be reflective and focus on Bible study, prayer, and fun team building activities.

Leadership Component: Grades 5-8 are given many opportunities to provide leadership throughout the school year.  Grades 7-8 are eligible to hold positions of leadership in student council.  We also pair students with younger students to read with them and do activities throughout the year.  Each Wednesday, we have Chapel where our middle school worship team leads songs for all the students and faculty.  VCS is committed to providing an atmosphere for middle school students to learn to place Jesus Christ at the center of their lives, be active in the community, and lead by example. By the end of the eighth grade, students are able to articulate and defend their Christian worldview while comparing and contrasting opposing worldviews.

In grades 5-8, we equip our students to think critically, read and write skillfully, spell accurately, enjoy exploring the world with scientific inquiry, acquire strong study habits, and prepare for honors level high school classes by eighth grade graduation. Smaller classroom sizes allow us to provide exceptional attention to each child's needs.